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Ukraine removes Soviet hammer and sickle from Motherland monument in Kiev

Ukrainian authorities ordered the symbols of the USSR to be removed, which are often directly linked to Russia and separatist movements.

Comparación de los dos proyectos.

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The Ukrainian authorities are remodeling one of Kiev's most famous monuments. It is the 200-foot statue of the Motherland that was installed in commemoration of the Second World War when Ukraine was part of the USSR along with Russia. The Ministry of Culture ordered that the Soviet symbols on the coat of arms be removed and replaced.

Some photographs have been shared on social networks and in the media. Workers have begun to remove the hammer and sickle from the Motherland's coat of arms. According to the Ukrainian government, they will be replaced by a Tryzub, Ukraine's national trident.

The statue and the entire historical complex are undergoing modifications. After the changes, it will be a place to commemorate the country's defense against Russian attacks. The country decided to remodel the statue after surveying citizens in 2022. A large majority of the participants voted in favor of removing the Soviet symbols.

Many of these symbols are directly linked to Russian nationalist claims on Ukraine, given that the last time the two countries were united was for the duration of the USSR. Soviet symbols are commonly used by pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country, as well as in crime. Ukraine's Soviet past became a particularly politicized stretch of history starting with the civil war in 2014.

The remodeling is scheduled to be completed by August 24, which is Ukraine's national independence day. The name of the statue will also be changed to Mother Ukraine.