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Mayorkas impeachment moves to the House floor

The Congressional Rules Committee approved by 8 votes to 4 to move forward with the procedure.

Alejandro Mayorkas

Alejandro Mayorkas / Wikimedia Commons.

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The House Rules Committee has voted to move forward with the impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Alexander Mayorkas. With eight votes in favor and four against, the committee endorsed the decision made by the Homeland Security Committee last week and will vote on the impeachment proceedings against the top official in charge of border management on the floor. Republican majority leaders are working to have the vote take place on Tuesday.

"Deliberate refusal to enforce our laws."

According to The New York Post, after the committee's session ended, its chairman Tom Cole, justified his decision by Mayorkas' "willful and systematic refusal to comply" with immigration laws and his "violation of the public trust" for assuring Congress in one of his appearances last year that the border with Mexico was "secure."

The resolution before us is about accountability. I take no pleasure in our actions today. But Secretary Mayorkas’ actions – both in his intentional refusal to enforce our laws and abandoning the confidence of Americans– require us to act. Secretary Mayorkas has refused to uphold his oath of office. If he will not do his duty, then unfortunately, the House must do its constitutional duty.

Uncertain vote on impeachment

In addition to the departures of Kevin McCarthy, George Santos and Bill Johnson, Steve Scalise is in one of his cancer treatment periods and Hal Rogers is still convalescing from a car accident. Although some of the questionable votes appear poised to back the rest of the party, Rep. Ken Buck earlier this month expressed his "firm no" to Mayorkas' ousting.

Mayorkas, second Cabinet member to suffer Impeachment

After yesterday's vote, Mayorkas becomes the second Cabinet member subjected to Impeachment in Congress. In 1876,William Belknap, secretary of War under Ulysses S. Grant, was accused of corruption and the House of Representatives introduced a motion for impeachment against him. However,Belknapp resigned and the Senate subsequently acquitted him.