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The Biden Administration suggests that it has not addressed the border crisis due to lack of powers, says it needs "additional authorities"

The White House deputy press secretary suggested in a press conference that the president does not have enough power to take measures to secure the border.

La subsecretaria de prensa principal de la Casa Blanca, Olivia Dalton


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Since Joe Biden took office, the challenges at the border have reached alarming proportions, but now the White House seeks to blame the absence of “additional authorities” as the factor for preventing the implementation of necessary policies to address the border crisis.

During a press conference this Tuesday, Olivia Dalton, White House deputy press secretary, was questioned about why the president is not taking executive action to secure the border. In her response, she noted that the president “needs additional authorities from Congress.”

“[Biden] needs a greater authority in order to secure the border and take action on the border (...) There are things that are not within his power,” Dalton said, ensuring that this is precisely what he is asking for in negotiations with Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.

However, in just his first 100 days in office, Biden took 94 executive actions on immigration that led to the terrible border crisis we are currently experiencing.

The border crisis data

According to figures recently presented by Republicans in the House of Representatives, since Biden began his presidency, more than 8.3 million illegal crossings have been recorded throughout the country, with more than 7 million of these on the southern border. These figures show that there have been more border encounters under Biden than in the three previous presidential terms combined.

The report also states that 1.7 million people who entered the country illegally have managed to escape and evade the United States Border Patrol.

Last December alone, more than 300,000 illegal immigrants were identified at the southern border, marking a 300% increase since December 2020, and that was the 34th consecutive month in which monthly encounters with illegal immigrants exceeded the maximum recorded under the previous administration.

Under the Biden administration, 361 individuals who were on the terrorist watchlist have been detained attempting to cross the southern border, and the list of consequences of this administration’s policies continues to worsen.

“Biden’s far-left open border policies are to blame for this historic crisis,” House Republicans said.