Croatia wins convincingly over Canadian team

The American team creates good attacking play, but its defense is unable to control its own penalty area.

In the second minute of the match, Alphonso Davies put Canada ahead. Borjan kicked a long ball, picked up by Buchanan, who dangled it over the Canadian box. When Davies' powerful header was met by Livakocik's goal, Livakocik's goal is huge, and he took the ball. The match had just started and Canada opened with a goal.

In the 25th minute, between Livaja and Kramaric, Kramaric was left alone in front of a Canadian defender, whom he confronted with ease and kicked the goal into the net. It was not a goal because Livaja had passed while offside.

Croatia comes from behind

It was the announcement of what was about to happen. Croatia was finding Canada's goal with ease. So easily, that in the 35th minute, Kramaric managed to tie the match. Perisic made a run with the ball on the left and took it between the lines for the forward to shoot out of Borjan's reach.

Canada, who was playing a good game from midfield to midfield, was very shaky in defense. Shortly before the end of the first half came Croatia's second goal. This time it was Livaja. He practically stumbled on a loose ball in the Canadian box, which was still not under the control of the defense. With one kick, he surprised Borjan and turned the score around.

Part Two

Kramaric made one last attempt over the top of the goal. Croatia had time for two dangerous attacks and a short corner, which ended with the final whistle. The referee brought the first half to a close, much to the relief of the Canadians.

Jonathan Osorio came out in the second half very strong. He launched a missile that whizzed past the right-hand post of the Croatian goal.

Prosovic set up Kramaric, who shot well in front of the Canadian goal, but Borjan was just as good as Kramaric. Canada responded immediately, which ended with Buchanan scoring.

Two more goals

That coup fueled an unfulfillable Canadian dream. Once again, Kramaric was in charge of ruining it. He got the ball to the other side, headed toward the defender, and aimed the ball to the far post. Croatia led Canada 3-1.

Canada tried to come back in the last minutes of the game. The team focused on at least tying the game. But poor control left two Croatian players alone in front of Borjan, who couldn’t do anything against Lovro Majer. The game ended 4-1.

Canada did not deserve to end so far behind, but they have proven that they are not good enough to move on to the next round of the World Cup.

The big names in both teams are Jonathan Davies and Buchanan, as well as Kocasic, Livaja, and Kramaric.