Coast Guard seizes $158 million worth of cocaine, marijuana off California coast

Agents unloaded 17,100 pounds at the Port of San Diego on Monday.

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) reported Monday on the latest drug seizures in Pacific Ocean waters. In its latest operation against drug trafficking along the California coast, the USCG seized 11,600 pounds of cocaine and 5,500 pounds of marijuana. The drugs are valued at $158 million on the black market. The shipments were unloaded at the Port of San Diego on Monday.

The Steadfast (WMEC 623), Vigilant (WMEC 617) and Mohawk (WMEC 913) participated in the anti-drug operation. The USGC troops were supported by the FBI, the DEA and the Border Patrol. The Mexican Navy (SEMAR) also participated. The USGC did not report on the number of people arrested in this operation.

Rear Admiral Andrew Sugimoto, commander of the 11th USGC District, congratulated the members of the operation for their results. The drugs seized by the USGC in this operation represent the second largest seizure in 2023. "Coast Guard crews from the Vigilant, Mohawk and Steadfast worked diligently to combat transnational organized crime, disrupt the flow of drugs and prevent a significant amount of narcotics from reaching the United States," said Rear Admiral Sugimoto in a USGC press release.

The operation that busted this year's largest drug seizure took place off the coast of Miami in June. Cocaine worth $185 million was seized off the black market, and 12 traffickers were arrested.