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Pamela Price is the second prosecutor backed by George Soros to be robbed in less than a month

After Jason Williams, the district attorney of Alameda County (California) had her work laptop stolen.


George Soros' foundation funds pro-Hamas groups

Open Society provided $13.7 million through the Tides Center, which funds organizations that promote anti-Israel protests.


Soros-funded PAC launches racist ad against Republican candidate

Daniel Cameron, who will seek the governorship of Kentucky in November, called the video "hateful" and challenged his Democratic rival to condemn it.


Soros-backed DA and his mother carjacked at gunpoint

Jason Williams, district attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana, takes a soft line on criminals.

Media Society

An organization funded by progressive businessman George Soros bought nearly two dozen local newspapers in Maine

The silent donation is generating suspicion, especially since other organizations supported by the Open Society have actively pushed for the purchase of historically conservative stations in South Florida.