36% of Democrats want Newsom to compete with Biden for the presidency

The Rasmussen Reports poll comes shortly after another study revealed that only 24% of voters want the president to run again.

A new poll reveals that a significant number of Democrats would like to see California Governor Gavin Newsom challenge Joe Biden for the blue party's presidential nomination.

According to a study by Rasmussen Reports, 36% of Democrats would like Newsom to compete with the president for the next presidential election. While 43% still have an unfavorable impression of the governor, the number of people who appear to be waiting for another Democratic nominee comes almost immediately after another poll indicates how unhappy voters are about Biden being re-elected.

The Associated Press-NORC poll reveals that only 24% of voters want Biden to run again. In addition to all the failed policies of this Administration, many voters believe that one of the reasons Biden should not be re-elected is his age.

The study found that over three-quarters of Americans (including 69 percent of Democrats) believe the president is too old to serve a second term.

Although Biden is only three years older than Donald Trump, when respondents were asked if they considered the age of the Republican candidate to be an issue, 49% said no. This could be largely due to Biden's number of lapses and mistakes when speaking in public, which calls into question his mental capacity. Another thing that could be catching voters' attention is the constant falls that the president suffers.

Biden's repertoire of blunders

The president has a vast repertoire of mistakes. The president has gone from saying words that do not exist to looking for a dead person in the audience. Biden has been questioned for confusing names, claiming he has cancer by mistake and even falling asleep at events of great global relevance.