A therapist employed by the Pennsylvania government defends 'sexual attraction to minors'

Miranda Galbreath equated pedophilia with being "hetero or gay" because "you don't choose" either of these options.

Miranda Galbreath, a sex therapist who claims to work for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, gave a lecture in which she asked not to call those she considers "people with child attraction" pedophiles. The therapist asked to use the term 'MAP' (minor attracted persons) instead of 'pedophile', which she considers "a painful insult" for those who are sexually attracted to children.

In a YouTube post on the 'Safe Sexual Space' channel, this therapist with a position in a public entity, defended pedophiles by stressing that they "have not chosen" to be attracted to minors. She compared this attraction to that of any other person: "You don't choose to be hetero or gay and you don't choose to be a person with an attraction to minors," she said, equating all sexual tendencies.

That is why, Galbreath argued, one should not "make assumptions" about what she called the "marginalized population" (pedophiles). The therapist asked to use language "that gives priority to the person", hence the use of 'MAP' instead of pedophiles.

Pennsylvania worker

Miranda Galbreath is listed as 'sex offender treatment coordinator' on the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections website. Her statements has caused numerous criticisms in social networks: from those who recall that these statements are in line with the 'Queer theory' to those who qualify the activist as "evil" or call for her to be "ostracized".