The suspect in the murder of young CEO Pava LaPere is arrested after a two-day manhunt

Jason Billingsley, who was on parole for rape, was located and arrested at a train station in Maryland.

The main suspect in the murder of the young CEO of EcoMap Technologies, Pava LaPere, was arrested at a Maryland train station after two days of a locate and apprehend mission. Investigators maintain that Jason Billingsley was the author of the violent death of the executive who had been considered by Forbes magazine as one of the 30 most influential executives under 30 years of age.

According to Fox News , the suspect was located by law enforcement at the Laurel-Bowie Road station in Maryland, where he was detained without incident. The agents also investigating if Billingsley, who had been on parole since last year after being convicted of the rape of a 25-year-old woman in 2013, is the perpetrator of a horrific attack on a man and a woman a week before LaPere was found dead.

LaPere was found half naked and with a severe blow to her head

Last Monday, police received a report of LaPere's disappearance. Hours later, investigators found the CEO's lifeless body on the roof of her luxurious Baltimore apartment building. The victims body was found half-naked and had suffered a severe blow to the head with a blunt object. The police launched a locate and apprehend campaign, offering a $6,000 reward and warning of the subject's danger. "This individual will kill and rape. He will do everything he can to cause harm," said Acting Police Commissioner Richard Worley.

Billingsley was released on parole in October 2022, after serving nine of the 14 years to which he had been sentenced. According to the Baltimore Banner, his release from prison was because his good behavior had earned him merit to earn mandatory freedom. It should be noted that the judge who imposed the sentence stressed when handing down the sentence that the aggressor deserved a much higher sentence, but was limited in his decision when the rape victim refused to testify at the trial.