Suspicious meetings between anti-Trump prosecutors and White House officials

Members of Alvin Bragg's, Jack Smith's and Fani Willis' teams met with Biden staffers before their trials against the former president.

The accusations against Donald Trump immediately after Joe Biden was placed under investigation do not seem so like such a coincidence after all. At least three meetings between White House officials and the prosecutors investigating the former president have been confirmed. The first was the case Stormy Daniels, prosecuted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg the same day that President Biden's classified documents case was discussed. Special counsel Jack Smith filed charges over Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents right as the FBI began investigating a case of bribery by Joe Biden when he was Obama's vice president. When Fani Willis took Trump to court in Georgia, her team will meet at least twice with Biden staffers.

Alvin Bragg

Manhattan's controversial district attorney filed charges against the former president for allegedly paying former adult film actress Stormy Daniels to deny having an extramarital affair just before the 2016 election on April 4, 2023. That same day, former Biden assistant Kathy Chung contradicted Biden's story about the handling of classified documents found in several of his private properties and offices. Bragg had requested a meeting with Biden staff on March 17, anticipating Trump's indictment.

Jack Smith

A detailed analysis of the White House entry logs allowed Breitbart to observe that members of special counsel Jack Smith's team went to the president's official residence before the accusation against Trump over the classified Mar-a-Lago documents materialized. According to Breitbart, Caroline Saba, deputy chief of staff in the White House counsel's office, and Jay Bratt, a senior advisor to Smith, met a few weeks before filing charges against the former president, which happened on June 8. This 'coincidentally' occurred hours after the FBI delivered a report to the House of Representatives on the investigation of Biden's possible participation in a $5-million bribery scheme when he was vice president.

Fani Willis

The complaint filed by Michael Roman's defense against Fani Willis for maintaining a "improper relationship" with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who was hired by her to investigate Trump's alleged "election interference" in Georgia, revealed that Wade met members of the White House staff on two occasions before taking the case to court.