New relationship in sight? Taylor Swift attends Kansas City Chiefs game and cheers on Travis Kelce

The singer was seen this Sunday in the box at Arrowhead Stadium with the NFL player's family.

Taylor Swift may have started a new relationship. The singer was spotted this Sunday on the balcony at Arrowhead Stadium with the family of Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. There, the artist effusively encouraged the team that was playing against the Chicago Bears while sharing time with her alleged boyfriend's mother, Donna, as shown by the Fox Sports cameras, in a clip that appeared moments later on social networks.

The images soon flooded social networks and Fox News Sports commentator, Greg Olsen, did not hesitate to fuel the rumors that had been emerging for days regarding a possible relationship between Swift and Kelce. "I think the secret’s out. I think we can play matchmaker and put the rumors to rest. I think they’re officially a couple, and I think the internet is going crazy right now," he said in statements reported by NBC .

Rumors are fueled about the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Just after the game, former soccer player Jarrett Payton posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) showing Taylor Swift leaving the Kansas City Chief's locker room at Arrowhead Stadium with the player:

It was not the only indication that was seen on Sunday about the possible romance between the 33-year-old artist and the NFL player. Hours later, Daily Mail reported, it was discovered that Swift, as reported by a Tiktok user in a video that was later spread on X (formerly Twitter), "paid for everyone in the restaurant to leave " and thus achieve some privacy :