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Report: China is up to 15 years ahead of the United States in nuclear matters

The communist regime is focused on developing this type of energy and financing different projects related to the construction of reactors.

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A new publication revealed that China is far ahead of the United States in developing nuclear energy.

According to a report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation research institute, the Chinese communist regime is up to 15 years ahead of Washington, D.C. when it comes to the development of nuclear energy.

The main reason why China is ahead of the United States is due to the fact that Xi Jinping's government is heavily financing different nuclear energy projects and providing them with better technological resources:

China’s rapid deployment of ever-more modern nuclear power plants over time produces significant scale economies and learning-by-doing effects, and this suggests that Chinese enterprises will gain an advantage at incremental innovation in this sector going forward.

According to the report, China currently has 27 reactors under construction. In addition, the communist regime planned to build a total of 150 reactors within 15 years (between 2020 and 2035), with a construction duration of seven years on average.

Despite this development, Xi Jinping's government has received warnings about possible problems that may arise if they actively develop nuclear energy. According to the Chinese Nuclear Energy Association, one of them is that, if there is "excessive competition," prices will decrease and lead to economic losses.