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ISIS planned to attack Real Madrid and its fans at Champions League celebration

Spanish authorities, Europol and the FBI dismantled a terrorist cell that incited its followers to perpetrate attacks during the festivities.

El Real Madrid, celebrando la decimoquinta UEFA Champions League.

(Cordon Press)

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The Islamic State (ISIS) planned to attack Real Madrid players and fans on the day the team celebrated the UEFA Champions League title in the streets of the Spanish capital. Spanish police authorities, together with Europol and the FBI, dismantled a propaganda cell of the terrorist group called the I'LAM Foundation that incited its followers to carry out the attack.

According to Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, nine people were arrested in four Spanish provinces: Almeria, Gerona, Tenerife and Cadiz. The I'LAM Foundation acts as a propaganda arm for ISIS, with radio stations, social media profiles and published media.

Some of the messages that the cell sent out to its followers, which were found on posters and designs during the police operation, to attack Real Madrid and the fans were as follows:

My dear brother. Wait in a place near the point of arrival of the players. Target them along with their supporters.
My dear brother in Al Andalus. A very valuable target awaits you. Break through the crowds, distract security with improvised explosives and decoy devices and advance towards your main target with determination.

Real Madrid was not the only ISIS target

The Real Madrid celebration was not the only target of the terrorist group. Other messages found targeted two of the major sporting events hosted in Europe this summer: Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games.

In the case of the Euro, which is currently being played in Germany, authorities intercepted a poster showing an armed terrorist and a message reading, "Where do you want?" in reference to three German cities: Berlin, Munich and Dortmund.

Regarding the Olympics, which will begin on July 26 in Paris, another design was found in the operation with the following message: "The Olympics of the lone wolves have begun, with the will of Allah."