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Israel killed Jamila al Shanti, one of Hamas' female leaders, taking the number of hostages held by terrorists to 203

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that nearly 500,000 people had to be displaced within Israeli territory.

Fotografía de bomberos apagando un incendio provocado tras un ataque aéreo en Gaza.

(Cordon Press)

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After 13 days of war, Israel and Hamas continue to exchange airstrikes as they wait for the Israeli Army to begin the imminent ground incursion into Gaza. The Israeli armed forces have also managed to eliminate another leader of the terrorist group, as they did throughout the previous week with Ayman Nofal and Merad Abu Merad. As reported by The Times of Israel, this is Jamila al Shanti: the first woman elected to the Hamas political bureau and widow of the group's co-founder Abdel Aziz Rantisi.

This new day of conflict also increased the number of hostages captured by Hamas. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Daniel Hagari put the number of hostages at 203, according to an article reported by the Jerusalem Post. Likewise, he specified that 306 soldiers have died since the beginning of the clashes.

The Israel Defense Forces also took aim at the international media that was quick to blame Israel for the attack on the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza City, and again presented evidence pointing to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as being responsible. The person in charge of the latest denial was military spokesman Jonathan Conricus, who also accused Hamas of using nearby buildings such as schools and mosques - which Israel has classified as "sensitive, do not strike" - to place the missile launchers it uses to attack Israeli territory.

Displaced people in Israel

Since the October 7 attack, nearly 500,000 people have been displaced within Israel, from communities near the border with Gaza to safer areas. Areas in the north and south of the country also had to be evacuated.

This was reported by Conricus in a briefing covered by I24 News last Tuesday. According to the spokesperson, some people evacuated "on their own merits and initiative" while others had to be assisted by security forces, who relocated them to various hotels and accommodations.