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Tim Scott attracts big Republican donors for his possible vice presidency

Over his ten-year political career, the senator has raised $134 million from donors, including at least a dozen billionaires whose combined net worth exceeds $325 billion.

Tim Scott/Wikimedia Commons

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Sen. Tim Scott is proving he can attract big donors if he becomes Donald Trump's vice presidential pick. The former candidate in the Republican primaries has managed to bring together a group of important donors and organized a meeting this Wednesday with this objective.

The timing for this event was convenient. Donald Trump has just a few weeks left to decide who will be his partner in the final phase of the presidential campaign. Trump has placed special emphasis on donors, particularly after he has taken a financial hit as a result of his legal battles throughout the country.

According to Fox News, at the event organized this Wednesday by Scott's team, the Republican senator will present arguments to support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Ken Griffin, founder of the Citadel hedge fund, who already supported Trump's rivals during the primaries, will also be in attendance.

Bill Ackman from Pershing Square Capital also helped fund Nikki Haley and independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaigns. Ackman also supported Republican candidates such as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

According to Bloomberg, at the event organized this Juneteenth, donors are expected to give a minimum of $250,000 each. This is one of Scott's specialties, who, since coming to the Senate a decade ago, has raised more than $134 million from donors, including at least a dozen billionaires whose combined net worth exceeds $325 billion.

According to several analysts, this could help him win Trump's approval, not to mention the fact that Scott is an evangelical African-American, something that could also help Republicans win some votes from Joe Biden.

JD Vance, Doug Burgum and Marco Rubio are Tim Scott's main opponents in this vice presidential race. Something that could hurt Scott is his poor appearances in the primary debates, which could be repeated if he were to face off against Kamala Harris in the coming months.

During the primaries, Scott was one of the candidates who got along the best with Trump, who even wished him good luck. This was not the case for other political opponents such as Chris Christie or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Scott did not mention Trump very often during his campaign.