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Democrats seek to make the immigration crisis profitable and turn it into votes

Republicans have denounce this maneuver and are taking steps to prevent illegal immigrants from participating in the country's electoral processes.

Varias personas depositan su voto en las elecciones de mitad de mandato en Wolverine Lake, Michigan, el 8 de noviembre de 2022.


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The country is experiencing an unprecedented border crisis. With the arrival of millions of illegal immigrants since Joe Biden came to power, Democrats are trying to leverage the open borders policy for political motivation. The intention is to get more voters for the 2024 elections.

"The hard left that controls the Democratic Party today is okay with rigging elections. That's one more way to rig an election," explained Congressman Andy Biggs, Republican of Arizona, in a joint AMAC and Just the News special broadcast by Real America's Voice.

In that sense, Just the News recalled that "Non-citizens are allowed to vote in Washington, D.C., despite GOP efforts to try to stop it."

To address the situation, in May, the House Administration Committee passed a bill requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote nationwide. The proposal came in an effort to prevent non-citizens from voting in federal elections. That proposal has not reached the Senate.

"This could ruin the elections"

For Congressman Brian Babin, Republican of Texas, the bill is important because - in his opinion - illegal immigrants who vote in elections could have a great impact on the country's politics.

"This could throw the election. When you've had the sheer numbers of people coming over the border illegally – we think anywhere from 10 to maybe 12 or 14 million people – if you just had just a few, one or two percent, you could actually throw this election and it would be decided by illegal aliens," Babin said.

And there are already states, such as Washington, DC, in which the participation of illegal immigrants in elections has been expanding. In 2023, the D.C. Council amended the District of Columbia Election Code of 1955 and expanded the definition of the term qualified elector to include noncitizen residents, including illegal aliens, Judicial Watch recalls.

Likewise, Judicial Watch explained that "according to federal law, only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections, but a growing number of state and local elections allow noncitizens to vote, among them San Francisco and Oakland, California, along with some cities in Maryland and Vermont. In February, a state appeals court ruled a similar New York City law violates the state constitution."