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Doge replaces blue bird on Twitter

The iconic meme which is also the logo for DogeCoin cryptocurrency is currently showing up as the logo for the social network controlled by Elon Musk.

Pantallazo del nuevo logo de twitter contrapuesto con una imagen de un DogeCoin.

( Cyril Ernst / Voz.us )

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Twitter's logo changed this afternoon without any warning from the social network. The blue bird, which has been Twitter's logo up until now, has been replaced by the Doge logo. This image, depicting a Japanese shiba inu dog, became a famous meme over the past decade and has since become the main symbol of the DogeCoin cryptocurrency.

The managers of the social network have not announced whether it is a joke, a hack or a definitive change. Many Twitter users believe that it must be some kind of trickery by Twitter's new owner, Elon Musk, who has made significant changes to the company since acquiring it. The most recent and the most talked about change is the new way of distributing blue and gold check marks to different public accounts.

The technology mogul punished the newspaper The New York Times by stripping it of its gold verification check marks this Sunday. Musk called out The New York Times for its propaganda and boring content.

Some Twitter users theorize that Musk wants to raise the price of the DogeCoin cryptocurrency with this recent tactic. One hour after this change was reported, the cryptocurrency rose 30% in value. DogeCoin has been dealing with a very difficult situation after failing years after its launch in 2014.

Elon Musk only reacted with a tweet in which he did not give any information about what happened, but only shared a meme of Doge.