Electoral indecision: Americans are only clear on who NOT to vote for

A poll finds that more than 50% of voters reject each of the leading candidates for president in 2024.

Most Americans know full well who they will NOT vote for as president in 2024. Knowing who they will vote for, on the other hand, is not clear to most citizens at the moment.

Bar graph showing support for potential 2024 candidates: Biden vs Trump, Biden vs DeSantis and Biden vs Pence.

So says a Monmouth University poll, which pitted the three Republican candidates leading in the polls against a single Democratic Party re-election bid for President Biden. According to this poll, the current occupant of the White House would achieve a narrow victory in each case. What is most notable, however, is that on each occasion, more voters reject a candidate than confide in one.

Biden vs. Trump, a technical tie in terms of rejection

In the event that the election race were to be a rematch of the 2020 race, the indecision is split. In the case of the current president, 52% say they would not vote for him, including 45% who are clear that they would "definitely NOT" cast a ballot with his name on it. Trump beats even these numbers, with 46% who would not vote for him at all and 8% who would "probably" not vote for him either (54% overall). On the other hand, 45% of voters would trust the Democratic candidate, compared to 41% who would bet on the former president.

DeSantis is less rejected, but still fewer votes than Biden

If Biden were to run against the governor of Florida, he would win re-election by just 1 point. The president would garner 43% of the vote, compared to 42% for DeSantis. The current president would have a secure voting base (31%) higher than those who would blindly trust the Floridian. The situation is reversed as to who voters say they would avoid. Although, again, the rejection of each of them exceeds 50%, Biden reaches 53% of people who would not vote for him versus 52% for DeSantis. Those who would not vote for DeSantis in any case are, however, significantly less numerous (41%) than those who would not vote for Biden (46%).

Pence vs Biden, a race to the bottom

If measured against Mike Pence, Biden would prevail by two points (42-40). It would be the least attractive proposition for voters, since the number of voters who would be sure to support one candidate drops. Just 27% are dead set on Biden, while Trump's former vice president comes in at 18%. In this electoral ticket, the current president also comes out better in terms of rejection: 52% of voters would not vote for him (46% no way), compared to 54% who do not want Pence (36% no way).