Death at the border

Latin America is sinking in the hands of bad rulers, rogues and mafias.

No one wants to die inside a truck with more than 50 other people while trying to cross a border. My beloved Latin America is sinking, all of it, in the hands of bad rulers, rogues and mafias that trade with the lives and dreams of poor people who only want to escape from misery and reach a land of opportunities. It happened before with the right-wing parties in power and it happens now with the left, exponentially. Most politicians in our region have proven to be part of the same wheel. New leadership is urgently needed for our hemisphere.

The first lines of this article refer to the sad news that shocked the world a few days ago: "53 people die inside an abandoned truck in Texas". This is the largest migrant-related tragedy in the United States in recent years. No one should lose his or her life in such circumstances. The problems of waves of emigration always originate in a failed state or armed conflict.

Historically, most Latin American politicians have blamed the United States for their failures. However, there are many cases in which the closest circle of them live with all the existing luxuries, while the so-called people suffer hardships. A clear example is illustrated by the Venezuelan dictatorship. Maduro and his family enjoy themselves like kings while many Venezuelans agonize. Not to mention the family of the late Chavez, anyone can google and see the ostentation and pleasures they have access to.

How many Americans are desperately trying to reach Cuba on a raft? How many New Yorkers cross the Darien jungle to get to Venezuela? What is the number of Texas residents who drop everything to cross the border in a truck to get to Mexico?

Are there many people in the United States who have the ideal of leaving their homeland to realize the Cuban dream or the Venezuelan dream? The questions are clearly totally absurd and ironic. No one in their right mind can believe that an immense number of U.S. residents would dream of going to suffer hardship in the disaster that local leaders have turned our nations into. In May 2022 alone, a record 239,000 undocumented immigrants were apprehended while attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico, according to information published by CNN en Español.

Let us all work to build a world with fewer politicians and more happy citizens. Let us build states in which no one has to flee for his or her life

If the leaders of the most influential countries on the planet want to stop the overflowing wave of emigration that continues to grow, I urge them to be firm in supporting the fight against dictatorships, to redouble the fight against drug trafficking and the mafias that thrive in the poorest territories of the world, after all, those who leave do so out of necessity, hunger, survival and lack of opportunities. Let us all work to build a world with fewer politicians and more happy citizens. Let us build states in which no one has to flee for his or her life; but above all, voters must learn to better elect those in public office who are essential to their countries.