Bidenomics: nearly 60% of citizens have emptier pockets due to inflation

Sixty-nine percent of respondents in a Fox News poll said the Biden administration has failed to properly manage price increases.

A poll claims that nearly 60% of voters have less spending money under Joe Biden's presidency. The poll, conducted by Fox News, was conducted between Feb. 19 and 22. Conducted in conjunction with Beacon Research and Shaw & Company Research, a total of 1,006 registered voters participated in the survey, and the vast majority agreed that they have found their pockets emptier than last year.

Specifically, 57% said they have less money to spend than in the previous 12 months. In 2022, only 50% said they felt this way. In 2018, just 28% of those surveyed claimed to have less spending money than the year prior. Republican women (78%), white people in rural areas (69%), members of Generation X (63%) and those earning under $50,000 per year (62%) are the most affected groups, according the the poll.

The economy is the nation's main concern

The economic situation is a cause for concern for most Americans. In fact, 78% said that the economy is in a bad or fair situation. This percentage is similar to that from the 2022 poll.

Thirty-six percent of respondents stated that the economy is the most pressing problem for the country. It was the leading concern for Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, far outweighing other issues such as the border crisis (13%), climate (10%) and guns (9%).

Ohio train derailment and Chinese spy balloon: bad for Biden

The poll also measured voter satisfaction with two current issues: Biden's management of the Ohio train derailment and the handling of the Chinese spy balloon incident. In both cases, the president rated poorly.

Regarding the Chinese spy balloon, between 46% and 49% of respondents say that the Chinese threat was not taken seriously enough and did not receive an adequate response. In addition, 54% said that the U.S. government made the right decision in shooting down the balloon, and 55% felt that the government reacted appropriately in shooting down other flying objects.

More than half of the voters, 57%, disapprove of Biden's handling the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment. Republicans expressed the highest rate of disapproval, with 82% saying they disagreed with the government's management of the crisis, compared to 60% of independents and 32% of Democrats who disapproved.