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Tucson (Arizona) border crisis: Gov. Katie Hobbs demands resources from Biden administration after 17,500 immigrants were detained last week

CBP announced it will temporarily close a border crossing as part of its efforts to address staffing shortages.


Two border crossings are temporarily closed due to the migratory collapse

The Eagle Pass (Texas) International Bridge 1 was temporarily closed and the Lukeville (Arizona) international crossing reduced vehicle processing. Agents are being reassigned to areas with the highest influx of immigrants.


Tucson Border Patrol overwhelmed: 58,000 encounters in a month for 3,600 agents

One of every three encounters recorded in October occurred in this part of Arizona, and the data for November is worse.


A controversial woke rule requires Border Patrol agents not to use "he or she" pronouns until illegal immigrants indicate their preference

"Our border is completely overrun and the president is worried the agents might not use some illegal crosser’s ‘preferred pronouns’?" questioned Representative Andy Ogles.