Twitter resumes layoffs and cuts 10% of its current workforce

Two hundred workers at the social network lost their jobs this weekend, including the head of Musk’s recently implemented Twitter Blue.

Four months after the wave of layoffs at Twitter began, Elon Musk has continued to make cuts to his workforce. As reported by The New York Times over the past weekend, the social network laid off 10% of its employees, totaling 200 workers. Among them was Twitter Blue boss Esther Crawford, who became known for, as one of her workers claimed in a tweet, sleeping in the offices in order to meet the demands Musk imposed:

The product manager and head of Twitter’s premium subscription service, who had been working for Twitter since 2020, confirmed the news of her dismissal on the platform. In the post, she assured that her relentless dedication had still not been enough to keep her job and that she had no regrets:

Slack shutdown, first sign of new layoffs at Twitter

The rest of the laid-off personnel were slightly more indignant when they learned that they would no longer be working for the company. As several people familiar with the matter told The New York Times, they became suspicious when Twitter pulled the plug on its internal messaging service, Slack, over the course of last week. On Saturday night, many of them discovered that their corporate email accounts and laptops had been disconnected. The following day, some employees posted farewell messages via Twitter due to the impossibility of doing so in person:

As reported by the NYT, the layoffs mainly affected product managers, data scientists and engineers in the site's machine learning and reliability division. As a result, the monetization infrastructure team was drastically reduced from 30 people to just eight.