The Trump phenomenon: Three keys to surviving all the attacks and being 40 points ahead in the polls

Trump ushered in a new era in American politics, a new way of giving speeches and approaching people.

Former President Donald Trump has become a phenomenon worth studying. For both Democrats and Republicans, Trump's behavior in such a complicated context is striking. Democrats do not understand why, with multiple accusations and without even going to party debates, the former president has a 40-point advantage in the polls. Meanwhile, for many Republican voters, his way of dealing with the situation is surprising and worthy of admiration, but above all, it is proof that he is the leader the country needs right now.

There are three fundamental issues that have led Trump to become such a great political phenomenon :

Communication strategy

Trump has a very clear communication strategy: a strong character, who inspires respect and whom people can trust to be protected. From his gestures to his speeches with headline phrases, everything in his behavior aims to reinforce that image.

“I’ll meet with Putin. I’ll meet with Zelensky. They both have weaknesses and they both have strengths, and within 24 hours, that war will be settled. It’ll be over,” he said a couple of months ago and has repeatedly stated that he can end the war in Ukraine in just 24 hours. This is a well-known communication strategy, giving a period of time to capture headlines and attention.

For some it is a ridiculous statement, for others, it can actually be achieved. But beyond the discussions about whether it can be achieved or not, it must be noted that this type of speech is very effective if it has credibility. This communication skill has been extremely effective not only in attracting the attention of voters but also in other aspects such as international politics.

Trump always remembers that he is the first president, in decades, who did not start a war, this is largely due to his communication skills. After all, the tyrants of different countries prefer not to check whether or not he is capable of doing what he says.

So, no matter what your opinion is of the former president, Trump's communications strategy is worthy of study and has been completely consistent from when he became president until now. Even in situations where it would be impossible for anyone not to show some weakness, he maintains the image of a leader intact.

Unbreakable personality

The communication strategy is something that Trump must have studied very well, his speeches clearly follow the keys of political communication, but the image he transmits would be impossible to maintain if he did not have an unbreakable personality.

Democrats raise a lot of questions about why millions of voters continue to trust him when he has multiple accusations and much of the answer to that question has to do with the former president's attitude toward these judicial problems. The reaction of Republican voters would have been different if instead of seeing Trump denouncing "political persecution" and forcefully saying that he can prove that he did nothing wrong, they had seen a doubtful or defeated former president.

Again, this goes beyond political affiliation, whether you like or dislike the former Republican president, it is easy for anyone to see how Trump insists even with the world against him. Democrats may call him stubborn or brash, but Republicans see heroism worthy of admiration. It is not only that he has not been harmed by the accusations against him, but that he has managed to turn the situation around and take advantage. After each new accusation, support in the polls rose.

Politically incorrect

Maybe Trump is one of the first people that comes to people's minds when talking about politically incorrect. In fact, Trump put on the table for the first time, at such a high level, many issues that other international politicians did not dare to talk about. But he takes it to the extreme, and his ability to say things that other politicians wouldn't actually say began a new era in American politics, a new way of giving speeches and reaching out to people.

Many of Trump's speeches are almost a comedy show, Trump has no qualms about making fun of other politicians, imitating them, giving them nicknames, in general putting on quite a show every time he speaks. That irreverent and striking speech made him connect with many people who were bored with politics, and it also fits perfectly into his character as a leader who is capable of overshadowing anyone by just speaking for a couple of minutes.

Even more important, that ability to be politically incorrect, combined with his communication strategy and personality, has allowed him to advance issues and push issues that other politicians prefer to ignore. Cultural issues have been key since he ran for president and he has had no problem going against the establishment, including that of his own party.

Trump is a character worthy of study, his irreverence and courage changed the way politics is done, not only locally but has also inspired several leaders in the rest of the world. In a world in which the extreme left advances to absolutely destructive levels - such as promoting gender change operations in children -, for many, the only way to defend freedom is by voting for a leader with Trump's characteristics.