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Leftists on verge of a meltdown over Univision's interview with Trump

The network made a good decision by allowing the former president to speak. More and more Hispanics intend to vote for the Republican.

Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump sits inside the courtroom during his civil fraud trial in New York City on October 17, 2023

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A few weeks ago, Enrique Acevedo, a Univision journalist, interviewed former President Donald Trump. The conversation angered many leftists who are incredibly outraged that the media outlet respectfully interviewed the former president who just happens to be sweeping the polls for the Republican primaries.

For a long time, Univision was seen as a completely left-wing network. However, a couple of years ago, the media company Televisa took over Univision, and little by little has made changes. One of the more notable changes is that there has been an increase in interviews with Republicans. The network should be applauded, especially since the company claims to have no political bias.

The interview has angered left-wing Latino activists, Hispanic entertainment stars, and even some important journalists from the channel. Unlike other interviews, Trump was actually given a chance to speak. Unfortunately, many Democrats believe that interviews with Republicans should be an entertaining show full of constant attacks.

Univision's intention to offer information to the Republican audience is not only correct in terms of journalistic ethics - a network cannot ignore the main Republican candidate - but it is also the most convenient considering that more Hispanics are considering voting for former president Trump. According to several polls, Trump is gaining support from both Blacks and Latinos in a way that has never been seen before.

Trump currently has the vote of 20% of Black voters and 42% of Hispanic voters. According to the Pew Research Center poll, in 2020 8% of Black voters and 36% of Hispanic voters voted for Trump. At that time the Hispanic vote made headlines. It was the first time a Republican candidate had so much support from the Latino community. However, these new numbers, not only for Hispanics but also for Black voters, could be record-breaking in the Republican Party. Univision's new management couldn't ignore 42% of Hispanics.

The leftist elite is on the verge of collapse

After Trump's interview on Univision, well-known figures in Hispanic entertainment and journalism in the United States spoke out. Some have exaggerated quite a bit and have practically called for people to boycott the television network.

This is the case of actor John Leguizamo, who threw a tantrum that included insults. The Hispanic actor stated that he found it shocking that Trump had let a Latino into his house. "How did that happen? Did he think he was there to mow the lawn?" Leguizamo said.

"Instead of an interview worthy of Univision, we saw this caca mierda," said the actor. But the tantrum did not stop at the silly jokes and rudeness, in addition, on social networks he asked people to boycott Univision: "I am asking all my brothers and sisters who are actors, artists, politicians, activists to not go on Univision."

Ana Navarro, the co-host of the famous ABC program, "The View," also took advantage of an entire segment of the program to express its frustration with the interview. Its intentions were along the same lines as Leguizamo. It wants to turn people against Univision. "It is time for us Latinos to hold Univision accountable," Navarro said.

Univision host León Krauze recently made the news for abruptly leaving the channel. Some believe he left due to his discomfort over the interview.

Univision should not give in to pressure from elite groups

According to an article published in the Washington Post, "Major Latino advocacy groups delivered a letter of protest to the network’s executives and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus prepared to request a meeting with the network."

Any media outlet is free to choose its editorial line. There is nothing wrong with being an outlet that openly has left-wing or right-wing ideas. However, if Univision's objective is to have no biases and present information to both Republican and Democratic Hispanics, there is no point in giving in to the pressures of elite leftist groups, who directly belong to the Democratic Party or who make a living from left-wing activism.

Practically half of the voters in this country chose the Republican candidate. The last elections were very close. If you look specifically at Hispanics, which is Univision's target audience, there are more and more who intend to vote Republican. The polls show that Hispanics plan to vote for Trump.