'Bidenflation': This is how much your groceries have increased since Joe Biden took office

'Biden-Mart.com' is a website where users can see how the price of various products have increased since the Democratic president took office.

Trump's Super PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., launched a website to show, with comparative data from January 2021 to January 2024, how much prices have increased during Biden's time in office. The website, Biden-Mart.com. shows users how much groceries have increased since the Democratic president took office.

The increase is very striking. The site analyzes the price increases of more than two dozen grocery items that people purchase on a regular basis. If a person had purchased all the items on that list during Donald Trump's term in office, they would have paid a total of $107.81 (in January 2021). However, three years later, those same products have increased in price and today cost $168.16. That is a 55.98% increase.

Gráfico con la diferencia de precio de los distintos productos de la compra que aparecen en BidenMart.com.
(Voz Media)

Make America Great Again Inc. Spokesman Alex Pfeiffer told Daily Mail that this demonstrates how the Biden administration has been unsuccessful over the last three years in office: "Every time you go grocery shopping you are reminded of the failure of Bidenomics. Joe Biden's inflation is robbing hard-working Americans of their money," Pfeiffer said.

Inflation, a recurring theme in Trump's presidential campaign

Former President Donald Trump agrees with this statement. The undeniable rise in inflation is one of the issues the former president has been focused on throughout his presidential campaign. Trump said in an interview on CNBC that it is a problem that is affecting more and more Americans:

People are going through hell. The middle class in our country has been routed and the middle class largely built our country and they have been treated very, very badly with policy. When I was president, I was doing a job, we’re going to start to pay off debt.

The price of groceries is not the only thing affected by the Biden administration's economic mismanagement. The increase in inflation has also affected the price of housing. It has been increasing for months, posing a new problem for the middle class which often cannot afford to buy a house.

All of this makes the American dream increasingly unattainable for many. A recent study revealed that, with inflation, the American dream now costs $3.4 million.