Biden flunks: the lowest-rated Democratic president since 1974

With seven days to go before the mid-term elections, the Republican Party has a chance to regain its majority in Congress two years after losing it. Forecasts suggest that this will be the result of the poor performance of Joe Biden during his first two years at the helm of the United States.

According to a Gallup poll -which measures the rating of the first two years of each president-, Biden is the worst-rated Democratic president since 1974 (Gerald Ford's term). Only George W. Bush in his second term received a worse rating. Biden's administration only receives the approval of four out of ten citizens (40%).

The trend shows that the party to which all presidents since Ford have belonged, who suspended in valuation, lost seats in Congress, from which it follows that the Democratic Party and Joe Biden would not be able to maintain a majority in the legislative chambers. There are only two exceptions to this historical trend: the terms of George W. Bush in 2002 and Bill Clinton in 1998. Overall, Democrats fared worse after the midterm elections. The steepest drop was suffered by Barack Obama in 2010 (during his first term), when he lost as many as 63 seats.

Congress and the economy also fail

Only one in five Americans (21%) approve of the work of Congress. Gallup shows that when citizens' job approval ratings of the chambers are low, the president's party is usually held more accountable.

Regarding the economy, 46% of citizens believe the economy is the most important issue facing Joe Biden and his administration after the midterm elections. Five in ten Americans (49%) see the economy in a bad state, compared to 14% who think it is in excellent or good shape and 37% who think it is fair.

What do Hispanics think about Biden?

On the other hand, Hispanics are frustrated with Joe Biden. In another recent survey, the Bienvenido organization reflects the Hispanic community's rejection of the president's efforts to combat the main problems affecting the United States and Hispanics themselves: the economy and inflation, the border and school indoctrination. Facts such as Biden ignoring Hispanics in the Columbus Day or forget about the middle class increases the rejection of the president.

According to the Bienvenido poll, within a week the Hispanic vote could set a record in favor of the Republican Party.