Kari Lake turns the tables on Democrats who accuse her of questioning election results

The Republican candidate for governor of Arizona shows reporters documents reminding them that members of the Democratic Party were the ones who refused to accept election defeats.

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona governor and former television anchor, taught her former colleagues in the press a lesson on Tuesday.

When questioned about the acceptance of future election results, Lake showed documents proving that numerous candidates of the Democratic Party were the ones who denied the election results at the time:

In doing so, Kari Lake turned the tables on the media that accused her of not committing to accept election results. That was not really the case. These are the facts:

Last Sunday in an interview with CNN, interviewer Dana Bash asked Kari Lake if she would accept the election results for the Arizona race even if they were not in her favor. The Republican candidate's response was, "I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result."

However, the progressive media twisted her response to the point of finding headlines such as these: "Lake won’t pledge to accept election results" (The New York Times) or "Kari Lake doesn’t commit to accepting Arizona election result if she loses" (CNN). During the interview, Lake added that the "real problem" is that "people don't trust our choices."

From fake news to the uncomfortable truth: Democrats denying election results

After all the fake news, the Arizona gubernatorial candidate decided to turn the tables and teach a lesson to journalists by explaining who were really the ones who denied election results in the past. All of them are Democratic candidates, including current President Joe Biden.

The documents shown by Lake are not the only ones. The Republican Party showed this 12-minute video in which several Democrats deny the election results over and over again.

Democrats have a long history of refusing to accept the results of elections they have lost.

Kari Lake is the favored candidate to be Arizona's next governor. At least, that’s what the polls say, which predict the victory of the Republican candidate over the Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs in the upcoming November elections.

With her victory and Donald Trump's support, Lake would gain a very important role within the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, both aspects that create a feeling of uneasiness among Democrats and the media.