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Adam Schiff to go to trial after getting Twitter to suspend a journalist's account

"We are exploring legal options, including defamation," announced columnist Paul Sperry of the 'New York Post'.

Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff /Wikimedia Commons.

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Journalist Paul Sperry announced that he is considering taking legal action against Democratic Party member Adam Schiff after the politician's efforts to censor him on Twitter were revealed.

The New York Post columnist explained that the California representative's interference hindered his ability to do his job, so he is evaluating all possible options to see that justice is done.

"We are exploring legal options, including defamation," he told TV host Brian Kilmeade.

Sperry commented on how "outrageous" he found it that a government official attempted to silence him and remove his content from Twitter, despite the oath he took about protecting the First Amendment and free speech.

With regards to the journalist, what bothered the politician was his report on the sources used by the Democrats during the first impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump.

"Schiff didn't like the fact I outed his anonymous whistleblower as a partisan Democrat, he also didn't like the fact that I exposed the whistleblower's prior relationship with a key member of Schiff's impeachment staff," he stated.

Schiff's pressure against Sperry

In a recent installment of the Twitter Archives published by journalist Matt Taibbi, it was revealed that, in late 2020, the Democratic representative's office requested that Paul Sperry's account be suspended.

Although an employee of the social network rejected the initial request, shortly thereafter the journalist's account was suspended by Twitter and Sperry claims he was never given a legitimate reason for the decision.

In fact, the reporter said he tried to argue that he had not violated any of the media company's policies. However, this did not seem to satisfy the platform's moderators, as Sperry's account was only reinstated after Elon Musk bought Twitter.