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Second Amendment: appellate court rules in favor of butterfly switchblade

La sentencia del caso 'Teter vs López' en Hawái puede tener consecuencias en otros estados en los que este cuchillo está regulado y prohibido.


White House confirms death of second American in Sudan

John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council in the Oval Office, acknowledged a new victim in the conflict in the North African country.


Newsom seizes on California shootings to slam Second Amendment as: "A suicide pact"

The golden state governor, surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards, accuses the GOP of being part of the problem for "kowtowing to the gun industry" by opposing stricter laws.


Second Amendment, only permit required to carry guns in half of the states

Alabama and Georgia debuted new constitutional legislation on January 1 that allows citizens to carry concealed weapons in public.


Ron DeSantis invokes Second Amendment to prevent looting from occurring

Florida's governor issued the warning after the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian: "We are a law and order state. So don't think you are going to take advantage of people who have suffered misery."