Twitter censorship continues to wreak havoc: Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson go down

Ben Shapiro could be next to be 'cancelled'.

Twitter's censorship of the accounts of conservative referents seems to have no end. The latest victims are Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson. The reason? Having made comments about Elliot Page (formerly known as Ellen Page).

Peterson's account was the first to be cancelled. The Canadian psychologist referred to Elliot Page as a trans woman who identifies as a man but formerly went by the name Ellen Page. In the case of Rubin, author of The Rubin Report, the cancellation was simply due to the publication of a screenshot of Peterson's comment. In other words, Rubin merely shared the screenshot, and that was enough for Twitter to exercise censorship.

Ben Shapiro has reported the incident, which could result in the closure of his account:

Why is Page so controversial?

Many know Page, 35, from films she starred in when her name was Ellen. In fact, she starred in the successful Juno, which garnered critical acclaim in 2007. That film dealt with another controversial subject, that of the pregnancy of a young teenage girl who decides to go ahead with the pregnancy despite the many difficulties she faces. However, Page has always declared herself to be a feminist and pro-abortionist. In addition, she practices veganism and has served as a model for the animal rights association PETA.

Page declared herself transgender in 2021, and decided to communicate it on social networks through a statement. Subsequently, she decided to show a photograph of her naked torso, with her breasts removed.