Woman who killed mother in front of her children in Ocala, Fla., arrested

Susan Louise Lorincz opened fire on AJ Owens on the porch of her home, claiming it was in self-defense.

The Marion, Fla., Sheriff's Office reported Tuesday that a woman accused of shooting another 35-year-old woman last week in Ocala, Marion County has been arrested. Susan Louise Lorincz, 58-year-old, has now been charged with murder with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery and two counts of assault in the death of Ajike "AJ" Owens.

The events occurred last Friday when Lorincz confronted Owens over an alleged nuisance caused by the latter's children. According to the Marion Sheriff's Office, Lorincz became enraged when Owens' children were playing near her home. At that point, Lorincz began yelling at the two minors, aged 10 and 12. According to a witness statement, Lorincz assaulted both minors.

When both children went to their mother, she decided to approach Lorincz's home. Owens knocked several times on the door of the home and asked Lorincz to step outside. That's when, according to the Sheriff's Office, Lorincz fired through the door and struck Owens in the chest. Owens' youngest son was standing next to her when she was shot by Lorincz.

Members of the Marion Sheriff's Office responded to the scene, first for a call reporting a break-in and then an additional patrol car for the shooting. When authorities arrived, they found Owen shot and wounded in front of Lorincz's home. She was transported to the hospital and later died of her injuries.

Lorincz claims self-defense

Lorincz was not arrested until Tuesday. The defendant stated that she exercised her right to self-defense. She assured authorities that Owens tried to break down her door. Despite this, the sheriff's previous investigation offers no evidence to support Lorincz's version and establish a valid assumption for the use of lethal force.

Lorincz is facing up to 30 years in prison on the charge of murder with a firearm. In a statement, Sheriff Billy Woods stated that all of his office's efforts are focused on this case.

At Owen's funeral, several members of her family called for justice. In addition, they also referred to Owen's murder as a racist attack. According to the family's attorney, Ben Crump, Lorincz allegedly shouted racial slurs at Owen and her children before firing. The Marion Sheriff's Office did not confirm this allegation.