Where did the U.S. go wrong? The economy, crime and Biden are the main culprits

Immigration, political division and social problems are reasons for this perspective while a significant number of Americans are satisfied with their own lives.

A vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the current state of the U.S. The main reasons are the economy, crime and the current president, Joe Biden. In addition, rising crime, partisan division, immigration and social problems also contribute to Americans' concern. In contrast, a significant number of citizens are satisfied with their own lives.

69% believe the U.S. is doing "quite or very badly"

According to a poll, published by CNN on Saturday, 69% of those surveyed consider that things in the country are going "quite or very badly." Worrying economic forecasts are one of the main reasons for these statistics. The news of thousands of layoffs from large companies and the uncertainty about the true situation of the financial system do not help either. Among the most repeated reasons among those who claim that things are going badly are inflation and the cost of living. In addition, there is a significant difference in the perception of the situation depending on the party voted for. While 58% of Republican supporters see the economy as the biggest cause for their discontent, the number drops to 42% among Democrats.

16% point to crime and armed violence

Crime came in second place. As many as 16% of Americans stated that the biggest problem facing the nation is crime or gun violence. However, within this figure are different subcategories, mainly grouped in fear of violent riots, lawlessness and recent school shootings. A smaller number target drug trafficking, the police, the penal system and homelessness.

Biden is responsible for 11%

Eleven percent believe the president is to blame. That number rises to 17% among only conservative voters. Biden's popularity is near its all-time low, according to different polls. CNN's most recent sampling, dating back to March, shows that Biden's approval rating as president was 42%. However, other more recent polls indicate that fewer and fewer people believe that the president is doing a good job leading the country. For example, in the latest Gallup poll, only 37% approve of his leadership and administration, his lowest rating yet for this pollster.

Immigration is the main concern for 10% of the population

The next point of discontent is immigration. Ten percent of the participants who consider that things are going badly indicated that this issue and the situation at the border is the primary cause. This issue is the main concern for 17% of Republican voters, 15% of voters over 45 and 12% of White Americans. 

Bipartisan division

Tension between the major parties is another cause of concern for respondents. This growing estrangement between the two parties is also noticeable among their supporters. According to the poll, 91% of Republican supporters believed the country is doing poorly, compared to 48% of Democrats. Seven percent of those who are concerned about the state of the nation indicate the country's political or social divisions as the cause. Democratic voters (13%) and college-educated people (12%) indicated this point as the main cause of their concern.

The majority of Americans are satisfied with their own lives

In contrast, most Americans consider themselves relatively satisfied with the course of their own lives. In fact, 8% of those who consider that the US is doing well based that perspective on their personal experiences.