"Where are we going?": Biden gets lost on White House lawn

Ronny Jackson, a physician who worked at the White House said that "it doesn't take a neurologist to realize" that Biden "has severe cognitive impairment."

President Joe Biden is once again facing criticism for his successive lapses and episodes of disorientation. This time, the president got lost on the White House grounds and was guided back by the Secret Service. The lapse took place during a ceremony to commemorate Dale Haney for his 50 years of service as the official groundskeeper of the White House.

The cameras at the event captured how Biden began to head in the opposite direction. He asked "Where are we going?" and his assistants tried to guide him back. He asked one of his companions "What if I want to go down that road?" His staff replied by saying, "he can go that way if he wants to".... "He can do whatever he wants.”

At that moment, the leader of the first world power, said: "Yes, I realize how much freedom I have" joking about what happened, while reuniting with his wife Jill and returning to the White House.

Biden has "severe cognitive impairment”

Ronny Jackson, a physician who worked at the White House and attended to presidents such as Barack Obama and Donald Trump, told Fox News that it is necessary for Biden to undergo a cognitive evaluation. He highlighted the importance of knowing his current mental state. "You don't have to be a neurologist to realize that you have severe cognitive impairment," Jackson said.

According to the doctor, U.S. citizens know that the current president’s mental situation is not the best, which is why he questioned his ability to perform his duties.