U.S. "out of control" according to four out of five citizens

The Democratic Party is running in a mid-term election with a lot at stake: the majority in Congress. So far, the Biden Administration is not well rated by citizens, since, according to a CBS News-YouGov poll, 79% believe that the situation in the United States is "out of control" and that its course must change after these upcoming elections.

During speeches and rallies, Joe Biden focused his candidacy on abortion, which is one of the issues gaining more relevance among society. The president's first step, if he achieves a majority in the legislative chambers, is to overcome the Supreme Court decision and push for the passage of a federal law recognizing the right to abortion. Aside from that, federal funding of abortion is one of the public proclamations the president made. Or else those enacted by some of his party's candidates, such as Stacey Abrams, whose prescription for reducing inflation is more abortions. Despite this Democratic insistence, abortion is not the major concern of the majority.

What is of more concern?

Other aspects, such as the economy, are of more concern. Six out of ten Americans disapprove of Biden's economic management, as the United States has never had such high levels of inflation in the last 40 years as it is experiencing during the Biden Administration. In September, inflation reached 8.2%, a high rise in prices that is not keeping pace with Americans' purchasing power.

This is reflected in the fact that more than half of the households have difficulties due to the poor economic situation. In fact, as many as seven out of ten people look for extra work to cover their expenses. Prices also influence the cost of raising a child. Parents need up to $300,000 to feed, house and educate each of their offspring. Despite these arguments, Biden assures that "the economy is strong as hell".

Crime is also another issue of greater concern than abortion. Some of the measures taken by the Biden Administration and its progressive prosecutors, such as police defunding, cause homicides, robberies or assaults to be on the rise. Violent crime increased 4% in 2022 and the six cities with the highest murder rate per capita are governed by Democratic mayors.

"Invasion" on the southern border

More than half of the citizens believe that an "invasion" is taking place on the border with Mexico. The fact is that immigrants who enter through the border illegally carry many risks, such as homicides or sexual assaults. In total, more than five million illegals entered the country and the Border Patrol managed to apprehend 2.5 million illegal immigrants so far this year. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz points the finger directly at the Biden Administration for its immigration policy.

In addition to these data, we must add the controversial
sanctuary cities
. New York, Washington D.C., or Chicago -all governed by Democratic mayors- are some of the metropolises that offered to take in all immigrants and are now among the most dangerous cities in the United States. Republican governors like Greg Abbott send immigrants to these cities and receive the support of the majority of Americans. An immigration crisis that Biden fails to see.

Education is also of greater concern, with parents placing greater emphasis on their children receiving better educational content that is not based on woke indoctrination.