U.S. Army changes the name of Fort Bragg to Fort Liberty

It is the second of nine military base name changes pushed by the Naming Commission to eliminate ties to Confederate leaders.

Fort Bragg military base, located in North Carolina, has changed its name to Fort Liberty. In a ceremony held Friday at the facility, the Army renamed what is one of the largest military installations in the world due to a plan established by the Naming Commission to remove all names associated with Confederate leaders, as reported at the end of March by Voz Media.

The name Fort Bragg honored Braxton Bragg, a Confederate general during the Civil War. The new name "honors the heroism, sacrifices and values of the [U.S. Army] soldiers, civilians, and families who live and serve there," the Army tweeted.

On its website, the Army continued to argue for the decision that led to the change, and even denounced General Bragg:

We understand that the prestige of the original name in the eyes of some of the soldiers, families and our nation, was built on the bravery and dedication of those who served here, not by the legacy of an obscure, incompetent and ill-tempered Confederate general. However, our nation's representatives felt the need to leave that name behind and enacted the new designation, and we complied with that law.

The second name change for a military institution

Nine military installations will be renamed. This is the second time the Names Commission has formalized its change. The first was the base at Fort Hood, whose name was replaced by Fort Cavazos. This new name was given in honor of the first Hispanic brigadier general, General Richard Cavazos. "Fort Hood will be renamed Fort Cavazos. Meet its namesake, Gen. Richard Edward Cavazos. We are proud to honor the valor and legacy of distinguished soldiers like this Texas-born hero of the Korean and Vietnam wars," the Army explained.