Twitter's chief trust and safety officer resigns

Ella Irwin started her management position seven months ago. She hasn't revealed why she decided to step down.

Twitter has lost its chief security and trust officer. Ella Irwin told Reuters on Thursday that she is stepping down from the management position she took on seven months ago. She hasn't revealed why she is leaving her position, but her resignation comes at a time when the company is facing multiple problems related to content moderation.

Irwin's duties as head of trust and safety included fighting misinformation, removing offensive content and maintaining Twitter's integrity. However, the social network is facing controversy after its dispute with The Daily Wire over the "limited visibility" broadcast of the documentary "What is a Woman?"

Ella Irwin became head of trust and safety in November 2022 following Yoel Roth's resignation. Irwin's predecessor resigned from his position two weeks after Elon Musk became CEO of the company. Musk replaced him with Irwin and she has remained in the position until now.

Irwin confirmed her resignation to Reuters, which appears to be true, since according to Fortune, her Slack account is no longer operational. However, neither Elon Musk, Twitter's new CEO Linda Yaccarino nor Ella Irwin herself have yet to publically confirm the news.