Twitter extends the character limit to 4,000 characters

The option is currently only available to paying customers in the United States.

Twitter continues to implement changes. From now on, U.S. Twitter Blue customers can now post tweets of up to 4,000 characters. The social network announced the extension with an amusing post that was retweeted by many accounts, both those that can expand their characters and those that cannot:

Twitter Blue officially broke the news. The consequences that this new feature will have on both paid users and those who have the free version were explained in a separate tweet.

In short, the tweet explains that the social network will continue the same as in the past. All users will be able to post a photo, use hashtags or create polls. Only Twitter Blue users will be able to write more than 280 characters and their limit will be extended to 4,000 characters. However, the social network clarified, "longer tweets can't be saved as drafts or scheduled to send later."

In addition, the Twitter Blue release assures that the longer posts will not affect the visual design of the platform. For that reason, "they’ll be capped at 280 characters on your timeline and you’ll see a 'Show more' prompt to click and read the whole tweet."

Twitter global downfall

The change occurred around the same time as the platform suffered a worldwide crash. For more than an hour, users reported an error that prevented them from following someone new or posting a new tweet:

The update, El Mundo assures, could be due to a "consolidation of data centers," one of the measures implemented by Elon Musk in order to save costs and solve the huge crisis that the social network is going through.

This is not the only action the platform is taking. According to Infobae, the Help Center of the social network showed some more changes. The most important is that the number of tweets allowed is reduced to 2,400 per day, including retweets, quotes, and replies. In addition, the number of accounts a user can follow is limited to 400 per day.