Trump celebrates CNN's firing of Don Lemon: "What took them so long?"

The former president once again called the journalist "the dumbest man on television."

Former President Donald Trump used social media to celebrate CNN's decision to fire journalist Don Lemon, after several accusations of misogyny against him.

This Monday, after the news network reported that it had terminated its working relationship with Lemon, the Republican mogul took to Truth Social to express his satisfaction with the news.

"Good news: 'The dumbest man on television,' Don Lemon, has finally been fired from Fake News CNN," he commented. The former president also took the opportunity to question why it took the network so long to make the decision to dispense with the journalist.

Clashes between Trump and Lemon

The former president and the journalist have had several differences over the years. In fact, the first time Donald Trump publicly referred to Lemon as "the dumbest man on TV" was in 2017 via Twitter.

In 2018 Lemon branded the former president a "racist." However, it wasn't until 2020 that the dislike for each other became even more apparent, when the journalist mocked Trump and his supporters.

The attacks from the journalist did not stop and although in June 2021 he said that the media should stop talking about Trump, shortly thereafter he called him "disgraced" and continuously criticized him on his program. In October of last year Lemon publicly complained about the former president for "not having the courage" to attend his program and answer his questions.

Dismissal of Lemon

In an article on the news of Don Lemon's firing, CNN referred to "sexist" comments the journalist made in February when he opined that presidential candidate Nikki Haley is not in her prime" because she is a woman over 40.

Although Lemon later apologized, the journalist was later accused of being a misogynist by several female co-workers.