These are the Republicans and Democrats with the most favorable opinions among voters

Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy are among the top GOP leaders improving their net rating throughout December. Ron DeSantis leads this current ratings poll.

The first days of the year have been good for the Republican Party. A recent poll revealed that the GOP added 4 points (49%) to their net favorable opinion compared to the last poll conducted in December (45%).

Voters' favorable opinion of the Republican Party is one of the highest since Joe Biden took office as president in January 2021.

Donald Trump up from December

The poll found that among the most relevant changes in voter opinion among Republican leaders is former President Donald Trump. The net index of favorable opinions toward Trump has risen 18% since December 2022.

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy is another leader who has echoed the positive changes of the former president. Since he was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, voters' opinions also show a notable improvement.

At the beginning of December, his rating was +18% among Republicans; currently, it is double that at +36%.

Leaders with promotions and relegations

The top leaders - both Republicans and Democrats - have risen and fallen in terms of net favorable opinion among voters in the latest poll. Only one Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders, managed to obtain favorable opinions that scored him positive points among voters:

- Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has a 15-point net favorable opinion rating (52% favorable vs. 37% unfavorable).

- Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin (+9%). Favorable opinion 31% Vs. 22% unfavorable.

- Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders (+6%). Favorable opinion 50% Vs. 44% unfavorable.

- Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (+5%). Favorable opinion 38% Vs. 33% unfavorable.

- President Joe Biden (-1%). Favorable opinion 49% Vs. 50% unfavorable.

- California Democratic Governor Gavin Newson: (2%). Favorable opinion 38% vs. 36% unfavorable.

- Vice President Kamala Harris (-8%). Favorable opinion 44% Vs. 52% unfavorable.

- Former Vice President Mike Pence (-8%). Favorable opinion 43% vs. 51% unfavorable.

- Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (-8%). Favorable opinion 34% vs. 42% unfavorable.

- Republican Representative George Santos (-28%). Favorable opinion 22% Vs. 50% unfavorable.