Texas outlaws sexually explicit performances in front of minors

The bill, which will fine establishments that allow these shows up to $10,000, is headed to Governor Greg Abbott's desk for his signature, which is expected to be favorable.

The Texas Congress passed a bill that outlaws sexually explicit performances in front of minors and penalizes any establishment that allows these performances, and the persons who perform in them. The bill is now headed to Governor Greg Abbott 's desk for his signature.

The bill that was initially introduced was intended to prohibit children from attending drag shows. However, its final version expands the definition - in the criminal code - of what would be deemed a presentation containing "sexual conduct," that will now be considered illegal.

SB00012H by Verónica Silveri

Changes in the law and fines of up to $10,000 for those who permit the shows

The new version of the regulation eliminates the specific allusions -presented in the initial draft- to drag shows and, instead, adds clauses prohibiting them from being performed in front of minors, or on public property:

- Presentation of sexually explicit acts: "The exhibition or representation, actual or simulated, of sexual acts, including vaginal sex, anal sex and masturbation."

- The use of accessories or implants that highlight the shape of the genitals in a "lewd" manner: "The exhibition or representation, actual or simulated, of male or female genitalia in a lewd state, including a state of sexual stimulation or arousal."

- Illegalizes "real or simulated contact" with the intimate parts of persons: "Actual contact or simulated contact occurring between one person and the buttocks, breast, or any part of the genitals of another person."

- Vetoes the display of a sex toy: "The exhibition of a device designed and marketed as useful primarily for the sexual stimulation of male or female genitals."