Texas base Fort Hood is now officially Fort Cavazos

The military fort was renamed to honor the first Hispanic four-star general, Richard Cavazos.

The Texas base Fort Hood is now officially Fort Cavazos. The renaming of the third largest military fort in the United States took place Tuesday at an official ceremony. The new name honors the first Hispanic general to receive four stars. General Richard Cavazos was a military man who fought in the Vietnam and Korean wars, which the Army recognized on its Twitter account.

The change is part of the U.S. Army's attempt to eliminate all commemoration of Confederate leaders. Instead, they will honor other military heroes representing groups such as Hispanics, women and Blacks.

Cavazos was a "fearless but respected" leader

General Richard Cavazos is a case in point. The Texan community, as well as the top officials who occupy the now Fort Cavazos, are proud that the military man is receiving his well-deserved recognition. Lieutenant General Sean Bernabé, commanding general of the III Armored Corps, said he was "proud" to change the name of the base to honor General Cavazos:

We are proud to be renaming Fort Hood as Fort Cavazos in recognition of an outstanding American hero, a veteran of the Korea and Vietnam wars and the first Hispanic to reach the rank of four-star general in our Army.

Gen. Richard Cavazos, a serviceman whom the Navy honored by renaming Fort Hood as Fort Cavazos.
(Veterans Administration / Army).

The lieutenant general said that the soldier was a "fearless yet respected and influential leader." His service to the Army, between 1951 and 1984, was outstanding and, therefore, they were "ready and excited" to pay tribute to General Cavazos:

General Cavazos’ combat-proven leadership, his moral character and his loyalty to his soldiers and their families made him the fearless yet respected and influential leader that he was during the time he served, and beyond. We are ready and excited to be part of such a momentous part of history, while we honor a leader who we all admire.