Susana Dosamantes: the world bids farewell to the great lady of the novela

The internationally renowned actress passed away in Miami, and her remains will be transferred to Mexico.

The world of acting mourns the loss of telenovela actress Susana Dosamantes. The Mexican actress lived in Miami, where she was especially loved and recognized for films such as 'Más negro que la noche' and telenovelas such as 'Corazón salvaje'.

Susana Dosamantes passed away victim of pancreatic cancer, of which she was diagnosed in April of this year. María del Perpetuo Socorro Guadalupe, whose stage name was Susana Dosamantes, had an extensive career in acting. She was the leading actress in 23  telenovelas, known worldwide. Born in Guadalajara (Mexico) in 1948, for more than 50 years she appeared on the television screens of many Hispanic Americans.

She made her film debut in 1968, with the movie 'Los recuerdos del porvenir' (directed by Arturo Ripstein, and based on the novel by Mexican writer Elena Garro). Later she also starred in theater plays, but it was the telenovelas that brought Susana Dosamantes great popularity.

Susana Dosamantes, mourned around the world

In recent times, her daughter was in charge of informing about her health condition, which deteriorated after it was detected that she was suffering from cancer. Paulina Rubio is the better known of her two children, since she is also very popular as a singer. Precisely, from her first marriage to Spanish lawyer Enrique Rubio González, Enrique and Paulina were born. They separated in 1974. Susana Dosamantes had two other marriages, with Spanish producer Carlos Vasallo (they divorced in 1988) and finally with Luis Rivas.

Paulina Rubio was in charge of breaking the news through her social networks. Specifically, through Instagram, she referred to Susana Dosamantes in this way:

The mortal remains of Susana Dosamantes will be transferred to Mexico, by express wish of the actress. Her last wish was to rest in her 'Mexico, beautiful and dear', to which she referred many times. The expressions of affection towards the well-known actress have been repeated all over the world. Celebrities such as David Bisbal, David Zepeda, Angélica María or Maria Sorté have sent their condolences to the family for the passing of Susana Dosamantes.

Susana Dosamantes, the grand dame of the novela

Susana Dosamantes, because of her enormous beauty, became one of the most popular Mexican actresses. She rivaled Verónica Castro (also Mexican) for the title of 'grand dame of the novela'. In 1990 she won the award for 'Best Supporting Actress' for her role in 'Morir para vivir' granted by the television channel Televisa (within the TV y Novelas program). Eva Luna' and 'Corazón apasionado' are two of her most recognized and recent titles. Susana Dosamantes never wanted to give up acting, and she wanted to continue working until her illness prevented her from doing so.