Soros-backed Colorado secretary of state sends 30,000 ballots to disenfranchised voters

Those who received these ballots could be deported if they are in the country illegally and attempt to register as voters.

The Colorado Secretary of State's office confirmed that it mistakenly sent voter registration ballots to some 30,000 non-citizens, encouraging them to register to vote. They blame the blunder on a database glitch related to the list of state residents with driver's licenses.

The shipment was made on September 27, as part of the Midterms to be held in November. State authorities are trying to determine why the registration slips were sent to people who do not have citizenship but do have other documentation, such as state driver's licenses, Colorado Public Radio reported.

The state of Colorado reported that the state's online voter registration system will block the processing of any applications for non-U.S. citizens. Colorado among states issuing driver's licenses to non-U.S. citizens, Hispanic newspaper reports News Now . Colorado also automatically registers eligible voters when they obtain a driver's license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Reactions to the error

Colorado Republican Party Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown faulted Secretary of State Jena Griswold (who despite seeking re-election) "continues to make easily avoidable mistakes just before the ballots go out" in the mail. They are scheduled to be released next Monday, October 17.

For his part, Sean Morales-Doyle, director of the Brennan Center for Justice's Voting Rights Program, tried to downplay the incident, saying that the error shows that the system is working and that controls are in place to ensure that such mishaps do not turn into a "disaster". Morales-Doyle said there have been very few incidents of non-citizens attempting to register as voters in the US. The consequences could even lead to deportation.

Support from George Soros

George Soros not only seeks to acquire judges, he also wants to have control of the secretaries of state of the different states. The Secretaries of State are responsible, among other duties, for the control of the electoral process. In some of the states, the position is elected in an electoral process, allowing George Soros to devote a portion of his unlimited funds to finance the campaigns of Democratic candidates.

Soros has created an organization for this purpose, called the SOS Project. Colorado is one of those states where the Secretary of State is elected in an election. Jena Griswold has received support from Soros, but not through this organization. Spencer Lindquist explains it for The Federalist, thus:

Griswold previously received a campaign donation from Jennifer Allan Soros, the wife of one of George Soros’s sons. Griswold is also the chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State. DASS received a $1 million donation from Democracy PAC, which has received $125 million from leftist billionaire George Soros and is led by his son, Alexander Soros.

The New Republic, a left-leaning media outlet, considers the choice of Jena Griswold as Colorado's Secretary of State to be one of the most important of the moment, because nothing less than the 2024 presidential election could depend on her (and ultimately Soros):

Griswold’s is one of the more obscure types of statewide election across the country that can have important implications up and down the ballot. The Colorado secretary of state oversees elections and the state’s voter registration file, and presides over campaign finance laws, among other duties.