Son of Jair Bolsonaro calls on Latin American conservatives not to lose heart

"A long time after the left, we conservatives are organizing ourselves, and this is what will advance freedom throughout Latin America."

Brazilian Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro was in Mexico to participate in the country's first hosting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Before hundreds of people gathered in a convention center in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City, Bolsonaro spoke about the political situation in his country. Bolsanaro also sat down for an exclusive interview with Voz Media. When questioned about the results of the Brazilian presidential elections, Jair Bolsonaro's son assured that his father's movement will continue to move forward in defense of conservative values.

"Our essence does not change because of an election. We are still Christians who want to have families, to have freedom to make our investments, our jobs; we are against criminals, and these things do not change because of an election," he said. He warned that people are outraged with the recent election results:

People know that, whatever happens, Lula is a criminal, and they are in the streets because they do not want to have a criminal back as president.

Bolsonaro recalled that in Brazil there is the so-called Clean Record Law, which prevents people with criminal records from running for public office. However, after being convicted of several crimes, a legal maneuver by the Supreme Court allowed Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to leave prison and run for office. Bolsonaro also denounced the censorship imposed upon conservatives, which has gone so far as to prohibit his father from making live broadcasts from his home.

Another major challenge facing the Brazilian democracy is the voting system, Bolsonaro told Voz Media:

The reform that we tried to promote in the National Congress, imposing what we call the 'printed vote,' was done so there would be more transparency in the elections. It did not advance due to interference from the Supreme Court by Justice [Luís Roberto] Barroso, who got involved with the Congress and prevented the approval of the project.

Despite the results of the recent presidential election, Bolsonaro highlighted that Brazil now has its most conservative Congress since the 1990s.

Regarding CPAC, which was held for the first time in Mexico, he said it is proof that conservatism continues to advance.

A long time after the left, we conservatives are organizing ourselves, and this is what will advance freedom in all of Latin America.