Shinzo Abe is shot to death

Suspect arrested after shooting politician twice at election rally

The former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has died after being the victim of an attack. The politician was hit by two shots from behind while delivering an election speech.

The incident occurred in Nara, western Japan, at around 11:30 local time. Abe was rushed by ambulance according to police and city health services.

The bullet that killed former Japanese leader Shinzo Abe was "deep enough to reach his heart," doctors at Nara Medical University told a press conference.BREAKING: Former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, died after being shot in the chest. Abe was heavily bleeding and was rushed to the hospital. Abe was the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history. Abe was 67 years old at the time of his death.

Who was Shinzo Abe?

Shinzo Abe was the politician who served the longest as prime minister, he was from 2012 to 2020 . He resigned from office due to chronic ulcerative colitis. He pushed for transformations based on three aspects: a massive monetary stimulus, increased public spending and significant economic reforms. He was an advocate of expanding Japan's military power, taking a firm hand against North Korea and counting on the support of the United States. He graduated in political science from Seikei University in 1977, continuing a family tradition of public servants.

Abe was elected Prime Minister in 2006, but he only served for one year and resigned due to health problems. However, in 2012 he will return to the post until 2020.

Japanese Chief of Staff Hirokazu Matsuno reported that a man suspected of the shooting had been arrested and said: "Whatever the motive, such a barbaric act cannot be tolerated and we strongly condemn it".

A brother of Shinzo Abe had earlier said that the former prime minister was receiving blood transfusions to try to save his life, but the fatal outcome was reported hours later.

The suspect arrested as the alleged perpetrator is Yamagami Tetsuya, a 41-year-old unemployed former member of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces. It has transpired that the subject was allegedly holding the weapon with which he shot the former prime minister. It is a self-made weapon.

Former President Donald Trump said he regretted the event through his social network Truth , and expressed that "few people know what a great man and leader Shinzo Abe was, but history will teach them and be kind...He was a unifier like no other, but above all, he was a man who loved and cherished his magnificent country", he also called for Abe's killer to be "dealt with swiftly and harshly".

In a statement, President Joe Biden said he was "stunned, outraged and deeply saddened" by the assassination of Shinzo Abe and called the death of the former prime minister "a tragedy for Japan and for all who knew him.