Several senators introduce bill to effectively extend Title 42

Independent Krysten Sinema and Republican Thom Tillis are leading the bill, not linked to a public health order, which also involves Democrat Joe Manchin.

A group of senators introduced a bill to essentially extend Title 42 for two years. Independent Senator Krysten Sinema and Republican Thom Tillis, among others, collaborated on the bill with Democrat Joe Manchin "to prevent a total collapse on our southern border," which would not be based on a public health mandate. The authors made it clear that this is a "temporary" measure, effective for two years to give Congress and the administration time to reform "our broken immigration system."

In a press release, Sinema pointed out that, "Despite our repeated calls, the Biden Administration failed to plan ahead and implement a realistic, workable plan; our legislation gives them more time to put a plan in place that will secure our border, protect Arizona communities on the frontlines of this crisis, and ensure migrants are treated fairly and humanely."

"The Biden Administration has failed"

Tillis stressed the need for lawmakers to act urgently in the face of the risks anticipated from the end of Title 42. "The Biden administration has failed to secure the border and the situation will get even worse once Title 42 is allowed to expire. It's clear that Congress must immediately step in, and the bipartisan bill I'm introducing with Senator Sinema will help prevent the catastrophic fallout at the border we will soon see if no action is taken."

"It is truly a shame"

True to his style, the most forceful in his statements was Senator Manchin. The veteran congressman called it "truly a shame" that the Biden administration only governs "from crisis to crisis." In his view, by DHS ignoring numerous warnings about the consequences of the mandate's expiration, "the administration has failed to properly secure our southern border."

Therefore, and in view of the fact that "the immigration crisis is only getting worse and our broken immigration system is ill-equipped to handle it," Manchin joined Sinema and Tillis in offering a proposal that could unite legislators from both parties. For the senator, "our bipartisan legislation creates a two-year temporary solution to prevent a total collapse at our southern border."

"A flood of humanity is going to turn into a tsunami" with the end of Title 42

In an interview with Neil Caputo on Fox Business, the fourth proponent of the bill, Texas Republican Senator John Cormyn, warned that, with the sunset of Title 42, "what has been a flood of humanity is going to become a tsunami."

Seeking support from Democratic senators

In order to convince Democrats in Congress, at least those necessary for pass the filibustering procedure (60 senators are needed for the bill to go forward), the text states that the U.S. will offer protection for those immigrants whose life, liberty or physical integrity may be in danger if they return to their home countries. In addition, the regulation takes into account the care of those persons arriving in the country with urgent medical needs.