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El Salvador: Bukele announces the transfer of 2,000 more gang members to the CECOT megaprison

With this new shipment, there are already some 14,500 members of the gangs imprisoned in the penitentiary center.


A federal judge struck down restrictions on trans treatment of children in Florida and Governor DeSantis was quick to respond

For Justice Robert L. Hinkle, the legislation enacted in 2023 by Sunshine State Republicans does not act in the "interest of public health."


Politicians use trans cause to distract from important problems, according to most citizens

A survey revealed that 77% of Americans share the opinion that legislators talk and work more on this issue than on others such as the economy or the border crisis.


Trans madness: Doctors call for an end to hormones and child mutilation

The American College of Pediatricians released a statement with the aim of protecting minors from harmful gender-affirming treatments and recall the psychological origin of gender dysphoria.


The DOJ charges the whistleblower who revealed that the Texas Children's Hospital performed trans treatment on minors with four crimes

Surgeon Eithan Haim claims that the agency is pursuing him to "silence whistleblowers" who expose medical corruption or the dangers of hormones and surgeries on minors.