Scientology president goes missing after child trafficking charges

According to a lawsuit filed in April, David Miscavige allegedly led a human trafficking ring. Justice has been looking for him for four months.

The president of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, has been missing since three people filed a lawsuit against him for human trafficking. As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, Justice attempted to notify Miscavige of the complaint as many as 27 times in four months.

Three former Scientologists, Valeska Paris, Gawain Baxter and Laura Baxter, filed the complaint in federal court in Tampa, Florida, in April. In it, they state that they were victims of a human trafficking network when they were minors and, allegedly, the accused was the leader. In addition to Miscavige, the complaint includes the alleged involvement of five church entities in the scheme.

"Intentional concealment of his location and evasion of notice"

The Tampa federal court scheduled a hearing for January 20, 2023. If he does not appear, the judge would declare Miscavige served and in default for "intentional concealment of his location and evasion of notice.”

Neil Glazer, attorney for the whistleblowers, noted that "Miscavige cannot be allowed to continue his gamesmanship." According to the Tampa Bay Times, his properties are not listed in public records, making it more difficult to locate him. There is a record of two traffic tickets from 1991 and 1995 in Pinellas County (Florida), although the defendant received these notices at the Church of Scientology International building in Los Angeles.

Miscavige's defense argued that the complaint is improper and "part of a litigation strategy to harass the leader of the religion."