Rick Scott issues new travel warning for Florida: socialists and communists are not welcome

The Republican senator sternly responds to groups attacking the Sunshine State: "They will be met with laughter and mockery."

Senator Rick Scott warned socialists and communists that it was not a good idea to travel to North Florida because the state and its residents reject these ideological doctrines:

Let me be clear: any attempts to spread the oppression and poverty that Socialism always brings will be rebuffed by the people of Florida. Travelers should be aware that attempts to spread Socialism in North Florida will fail and will be met with laughter and mockery.

Scott, who preceded Ron DeSantis as governor of Florida, warned that these people would be at greater risk in the rest of the state because of the number of Hispanic residents who were forced to flee "the horrors of socialism."

However, in much of Central and South Florida, the situation is far more dangerous for Socialists, as they may encounter people from Cuba, Venezuela and other parts of Central and South America and the Caribbean who have direct knowledge of, and experience with, the horrors of socialism.

The senator also issued a warning to the Biden administration for attempting "to erase capitalism and the system that has brought prosperity to Florida and the entire United States."

Florida is openly hostile towards Socialists, Communists, and those that enable them. Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of socialists and others who work in the Biden administration.

This is how Scott responded to the attacks launched by several groups in response to the state's policies.