Republicans sour retirement for "elf" Fauci

Republican offensive to intensify surveillance of the NIH director after announcing that he is bringing forward his retirement to coincide with the elections and a possible change of course in Congress.

Several prominent members of the Republican Party did not overlook Anthony Fauci's announcement to step down at the end of the year. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described the director of the National Institute of Health as a "little elf" and called for someone to throw him "across the Potomac River."

Fauci, 81, director of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the president's top medical advisor, announced Monday that he was anticipating retirement in anticipation of a Republican victory in Congress. His relationship with the Republicans was contentious because of Fauci's determination to prolong confinements during the coronavirus pandemic (although he later denied it) in the face of policies such as those of DeSantis that favored freedom of movement in order not to sink the economy.

Fauci's documents to be monitored

Beyond the unfriendly farewell to Governor DeSantis, other Republicans were concerned about the information that may 'disappear' with Fauci's departure. Senator Rand Paul sent a letter to the NIH requesting that they not destroy any documents related to Dr. Fauci. Rand Paul requested that "all records, emails, electronic documents and data created by or shared with Dr. Fauci" be retained for his investigation.

The senator noted that Fauci's resignation will not prevent a thorough investigation into the origins of the pandemic.

Other leading Republican representatives called for increased scrutiny of Fauci in light of his departure. Congressman James Comer warned that "retirement cannot protect (Fauci) from congressional oversight." "Emails obtained by the Oversight Committee Republicans reveal that what Dr. Fauci said publicly about the origins of covid was very different from what was said privately," he added recalling the Chinese origin of the virus.

Some representatives have not forgotten what happened during the pandemic and are not willing to allow Fauci to have a quiet retirement. Senator Ted Cruz launched this message shortly after learning of Fauci's withdrawal intentions:

In January, a Republican Congress should hold Fauci fully accountable for his dishonesty, corruption, abuse of power and multiple lies under oath.

"Never in our nation's history has an arrogant bureaucrat destroyed more people's lives," the senator declared.